Entry: Sahara Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Sahara . Although it wavered a little, it was carried out to seeing "Sahara" after all whether a "million dollar baby" would be seen. Even if it sees the direction of a million with DVD on a story movie, he can enjoy itself enough, but Sahara is spectacular. It is saying that the movie theater is better too for enjoying force.

The contents were pleasant enough at super-B class. Well, since it is seeing by reason needlessness, a little hole is not worried.

A supporting player's result is better than the heroine and a hero. A movie cannot be made only from a randy man or a beauty.

But the heroine is the touch which there is not with where and now resembled an actress's "Mari Natsuki." A little attractive with a woman-of-mature-years wind.

The official WEB site which introduces Sahara is made. Is such kinds of site valid till when? It may be closed down in the stage which the show ended. In that case, it is regrettable.



The way of War of the Worlds is worrisome. The episode 3 comes. Money will be spent very well this summer.

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