Entry: Antipathy to smoking Friday, June 10, 2005

Tobacco is really troublesome.

Although it is a thing on this evening, there is a fellow who smokes in an office sitting-room. Nowadays, it is senseless. It will not be believed while having come out to the health regime, but if popularity decreases in office, the vigor of alcohol is also borrowed, and this man"N.K" that is proceeding from Toshiba will be calm, and will begin to smoke tobacco. Although there is a smoking room independently, unsatisfactory one or making trouble for others begin to inhale also in a sitting-room whether it is an intention. about him, since it is what it is under the influence of an alcoholic smell, and comes out, and is gone into office, settlement is bad. This man that is disliked by everybody and kept at arm's length by the visitor is a "stingy" guy dirty also into gold. Looking, it is sick. Always suspecting dignity only about a thing selfish otherwise. Even if it is work, he is the fellow who does not want to associate.

Person evaluation: 25 points.


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