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Sunday, September 11, 2005
Treasure of Goldra

Since composure will be lost if a treasure is obtained, Goldra digs a hole in a hurry and hides a treasure into a hole.

It seems to be a dog completely.

Surely, it is visible to a dog as seen.

But it is a "dragon" in practice.

If you wish, Goldra will appear immediately near you and will hear your talk.

Occasionally Goldra becomes man's figure and walks along your town.

Goldra likes the owner of likes [ man ], the heart especially gentle to, the gentle heart, and the heart filled on love.


Even if you find Goldra, please never speak.

Since Goldra has planned to disguise itself completely, if a name is called suddenly, it is surprised.

Please do not look for Goldra, even if you are the favorite human being of Goldra. Goldra looks for you.

Of course, you are not forbidden from looking for Murphy. Please continue.


Goldra continues excavation.

It keeps on Goldra burying a treasure.

It keeps on forgetting where for Goldra to have a treasure.


Cautions when the vicious thing lurks in your heart :

1) Please do not search Goldra.

2) Please do not click a lower link.

3) You do not find Goldra.   


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A Light Trap

In Japan, although "Light Trap" carries out sound also with a sufficient name, that it does should wear the "moth" which put on the bad powder of feeling, and it should come and bring it near.

If  near the lighting , in many cases, a certain mechanism has been performed there, and many moths which became a victim also lie.

A dangerous site like "Light Trap" is located here and there also in the world of the Internet.

All the hands considered are rendered also at the form of a button, an icon, a banner, etc., mail, or a fake site, and the mechanism which wears, comes and brings near a moth is prepared.

Posted at 01:11 pm by goldra
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Thursday, June 16, 2005

A design is profound and also makes appearance imagine high efficiency and high performance.

As it is, a price is not cheap, either.

What running short does not have anything.

Next, it is an AV amplifier to ask for.


Posted at 11:33 pm by goldra
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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Sahara . Although it wavered a little, it was carried out to seeing "Sahara" after all whether a "million dollar baby" would be seen. Even if it sees the direction of a million with DVD on a story movie, he can enjoy itself enough, but Sahara is spectacular. It is saying that the movie theater is better too for enjoying force.

The contents were pleasant enough at super-B class. Well, since it is seeing by reason needlessness, a little hole is not worried.

A supporting player's result is better than the heroine and a hero. A movie cannot be made only from a randy man or a beauty.

But the heroine is the touch which there is not with where and now resembled an actress's "Mari Natsuki." A little attractive with a woman-of-mature-years wind.

The official WEB site which introduces Sahara is made. Is such kinds of site valid till when? It may be closed down in the stage which the show ended. In that case, it is regrettable.


The way of War of the Worlds is worrisome. The episode 3 comes. Money will be spent very well this summer.

●便利なコンビニ後払いが可能!宇宙空母ギャラクティカ DVDコンプリートBOX

Posted at 03:20 pm by goldra
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Monday, June 13, 2005
the reason why


When people choose something, there is a certain reason. A reason is the man's sense of values.
The title of "reason why" is coming from here. The reason of selection of others is consulted. However, it does not copy and finish. It is lonely, while fashion passes or a salesclerk and pamphlet advertisement say. Impulse buying is out of the question.


It could connect arranging one's view daily to the right action, also when a chance visits. It is also the same as when danger reaches. A daily preparation can cope with a risk correctly. Writing about "reason why", checking repeatedly, and this are training with which the risk was equipped.


What is your "reason why"?

Posted at 02:24 pm by goldra
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Friday, June 10, 2005
Antipathy to smoking

Tobacco is really troublesome.

Although it is a thing on this evening, there is a fellow who smokes in an office sitting-room. Nowadays, it is senseless. It will not be believed while having come out to the health regime, but if popularity decreases in office, the vigor of alcohol is also borrowed, and this man"N.K" that is proceeding from Toshiba will be calm, and will begin to smoke tobacco. Although there is a smoking room independently, unsatisfactory one or making trouble for others begin to inhale also in a sitting-room whether it is an intention. about him, since it is what it is under the influence of an alcoholic smell, and comes out, and is gone into office, settlement is bad. This man that is disliked by everybody and kept at arm's length by the visitor is a "stingy" guy dirty also into gold. Looking, it is sick. Always suspecting dignity only about a thing selfish otherwise. Even if it is work, he is the fellow who does not want to associate.

Person evaluation: 25 points.

Posted at 09:19 pm by goldra
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Sunday, June 05, 2005


Posted at 01:03 am by goldra
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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Tom Hanks makes it cry by an example.

The right result of Americans' liking.

It seems that it is equivalent to the tale of "Tora-san" if it says in Japan.

It is, as alike even if not extreme so far, when ruined although it was the existing a little impossible story.

Accommodation of the large organization of a body don't be effective.

Talk which often exists.

It put into the copy library.

Posted at 04:01 pm by goldra
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